Mughal Garden Opening Date

Mughal Garden Opening Date

Mughal Garden Opening Date And Mughal garden timing

Mughal Garden Opening Date  The Mughal garden of Rashtrapati  Bhavan is considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful gardens. If Rashtrapati  Bhavan is a masterpiece of architecture, then the 15-acre Mughal garden is considered to be its soul. Mughal Garden opening date And Mughal garden timing

In Mughal Gardens, there are many specialties of British garden art. There are more than 120 famous species of roses in the country. In February-March, they are full blooms. Special roses include green roses and angelic. ‘Tulip’ Cyclamen, known for its magnificent colors, is the main attraction of the Mughal garden this year. Mughal Garden opening date And Mughal garden timing

About 10,000 tulips are frozen. There are more than 70 seasonal flowers in Mughal gardens, and about 33 medicinal and aromatic plants can be seen in medicinal gardens. The benefits of each plant are reported on the corner of the garden pots. Mughal Garden opening date And Mughal garden timing

Musical fountains are also a special attraction. It was established in 2005 and it stops on the tunes of Shehnai and Vande Mataram. 12 musical fountains have been created to produce identical water patterns with light and sound rhythms. Mughal Garden opening date And Mughal garden timing

mughal garden fountain mughal garden opening date

Where is Mughal Garden located  and Near Metro Station

Mughal Gardens is in the capital of India, New Delhi. It is located on the rear of Rashtrapati Bhawan (North Avenue). Usually, the arrangements for entry and exit for the tourists and the general public are from Gate No. 35 of Rashtrapati Bhavan. The nearest Metro station for the Mughal Gardens is the Central Secretariat. Mughal Garden opening date and Mughal garden timing

Mughal Garden Opening Date Timing and Entry Fee

The biggest thing is to spend a lot of time in this garden, you do not have to pay any kind of fee to see Mughal art and British art. Mughal Garden open inFebb 6 to March 10.  Entry is free here. This garden is open every morning from 9.30 am to 4 pm for the general public. On Monday this garden is closed for sanitation and maintenance. Mughal Garden opening date and Mughal garden timing

Who was the Mughal Garden built?

Prior to India’s independence, the name of Rashtrapati Bhavan used to be Viceroy House. When the British decided in 1911 that now the capital of India will be Delhi instead of Kolkata, at that time the great architect, Edwin Landier Lutyens, was invited from England to India to design a new way of Viceroy House. So that they design the necessary buildings for administrative tasks. Lutyens was influenced by Mughal art and keeping the same art in mind, he designed this garden. That’s why this garden was named Mughal.  

rashtrapati bhavan mughal garden opening date

These features get in

Do not worry about things like water bottles and food items. In view of the security arrangements, there is a restriction on taking them inside. You will find all these things inside. You can buy and eat things according to your liking. Or drink your favorite drinks. You will find drinking water, drinks, toilets, first aid and comfort for children inside the Mughal Gardens. Mughal Garden opening date and Mughal garden timing

What is special?

Gardens and Eco Parks are very much in the country but Mughal Gardens are worth seeing in the Mughal carpet heritage and art. The park, spread over 13 acres, is 175 meters wide. Which is divided into four parts – quadrangular gardens, tall gardens, curtain gardens, and circular gardens. There are more than 3000 flower plants here. There are only 135 types of roses. Here are 33 herbs and 300 types of bonsai. Mughal garden timing

Mughal Garden opening date

Keep meditating while doing an entry

Whenever you go to the Mughal Gardens, do not take some things with you while you go there. With these things or accessories, you will not get admission in Mughal Gardens. This stuff will be taken from you and kept out. Such as water bottles, packets of fast food or chips, briefcases, large handbags, and lady’s purses, cameras, radios and transistors, food cans, umbrellas or other instruments. Mughal garden timing

Parking arrangement

There is also a parking arrangement near the Mughal Gardens. When this garden is opened to ordinary citizens, parking facilities are also provided for them, because the people of the country come to see this garden from their car. The first President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, ordered this garden to be opened to the general public. From then on every year from February to March, this garden is opened to the common people of the country.


1 Is photography allowed in Mughal Garden?

No camera is not allowed inside the garden due to security reasons, you may click pictures with Mobile.

2  Can I carry a camera to the mughal garden?

No camera is not allowed inside the garden due to security reasons.

3  Is there any ticket for Mughal Garden?

No Entry Fee

4  When can we visit Mughal Garden?

Timings to visit Mughal Gardens. You can visit any day from 10 am to 4 pm between February 06 and March 14 except for Mondays.

5 Is Mughal garden open for public?

Mughal Garden is open for a public visit only in the months of February and March.


Mughal garden timing

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