places to visit in Munnar

places to visit in Munnar


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images of munnar
images of munnar
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munnar kerala images
munnar images
munnar images
munnar images
munnar images

places to visit in Munnar

places to visit in Munnar  is the most beautiful state of Kerala … rotate in Kerala many beautiful hill station Munnar is a Malayalam word which means the confluence of the three rivers, here you will see three rivers Madurupajaha, Nallathani and Kundali meeting in one place. Munnar is located in the Idukki district of Kerala. The identity of this hill station is known for its extensive spread of tea cultivation, colonial bungalows, small rivers, waterfalls, and cold weather. This is an ideal place for trekking and mountain biking.


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places to visit in munnar

The sightseeing of Munnar is a very enjoyable experience, especially due to the good and soothing weather here. It is also a very popular activity to see the birds as it is home to many types of rare species in this area. Not only that, but the trekking can also be enjoyed here, even voting and golfing can be enjoyed. is. While golfing is arranged by High Range Club, the joy of voting can be raised on Madupetti Dam.

Deviqulam places to visit in Munnar

places to visit in munnar
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Devikulam “Khuda’s own house”, hill station Devikulam, located in Kerala, is famous for its picturesque natural landscape. Falling between the narrow hills and sharp rocks surrounded by the plains of a green plume, the waterfall sounding tomorrow and tomorrow gives you beautiful surroundings. Devikulam is located in the district of Idukki, about 7 km away from Munnar. This is a favorite spot for nature lovers because they can enjoy watching various flora and fauna here. Devikulam is also a favorite place for trackers and the excursion between gardens and red glue trees provide a wonderful experience.


Echo point

places to visit in munnar
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Echo Point is located 15 kilometers away from Munnar. Recreating your voice by screaming is the major attraction among tourists coming here. This place is very beautiful, which can attract anyone’s mind.


places to visit in munnar
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Matupetty is another beautiful place located 1700 meters above the Sur Samundra floor, 13 kilometers from Munnar. When you are on a journey to Munnar, you must come to Mattupetty. Matupetty Lake and Matupetty Dam are other popular tourist attractions here


Rajmalas, another 15 km from Munnar, is another major tourist attraction here. By coming here you will see Nilgiri Tahr (a wild creature similar to the goat and sheep) and easily fall into the plaintiffs here. It is said that more than half of the world’s tahas live in this part. You can enjoy a lot of things together by coming here

Eravikulam National Park

This is located near Munnar, which is 97 square kilometers of Western Ghats. With, the area is spread out. This park is listed as the number one of the biodiversity of India, which falls under the administration of the forest and wildlife department. This area full of biodiversity is known as the natural habitat of Nilgiri Tahr

Kundala Lake

places to visit in Munnar
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There is an artificial reservoir of a small-sized dam between the Kundala lake mountain ranges. It is a 20 km drive from Munnar. There is a facility for sailing … and when you go there do not forget to ride the ship’s boat.


places to visit in munnar

As you move about seven km from Chinnakanal, you will reach Anayirangal. Anayirangal Tea located 22 km away from Munnar is the rug of green plants. Excursions to the magnificent reservoir is an unforgettable experience. Aniyirangal Dam is surrounded by tea gardens and evergreen forests all around. Best places to visit in Munnar

Tea museum

place to visit in munnar
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Munnar is considered as a separate heritage in terms of the origin and development of tea gardens. Keeping this legacy in mind, a museum was established a few years ago by Tata Tea in Munnar to keep some of the subtle and interesting aspects of the origin and development of tea gardens in the high mountain ranges of Kerala. Rare artifacts, paintings, and machines have been kept in this tea museum; Each of them has their own story which tells about the origin and development of tea garden in Munnar. This museum is a sightseeing place of Tata Tea’s Nallathnani Estate.


Areekkal Water Falls

place to visit in munnar
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Located in the deep valley, this waterfall is located in Kochi Road, 8 kilometers from Munnar. Areekkal Water Falls Falya is a major tourist spot of Munnar. In the days of monsoon (July-August), its beauty also increases. Apart from this waterfall, there are two more waterfalls in this way – Chyapapra Falls and Valar Falls.


Balsam International Park

place to visit in munnar

Munnar is about 3 km from the city and it spreads over 16 acres. Peaceful place where a peaceful and relaxing nature can be enjoyed, in which flowers and surrounding green mountains are admired. Park offers many activities for tourists such as sailing, cycling, roller skating, etc.


When to leave

During this hill station, there are millions of domestic and foreign tourists coming from August to May. Rainfall is high in June and July. Because of this, the number of tourists is relatively less in the meantime. It is extremely cold in the winter season, it is necessary to keep all the hot clothes necessary for the rescue, but in the summer the hot warm clothes are fine.   places to visit in Munnar

What to do

If you are a fan of adventure, then pick up trekking and paragliding, rope climbing, boating, and hiking.

What should we eat

In Munnar, you can find all the popular items from traditional Kerala cuisine. For large-scale banana chips such as idli, WADA, sambhar, all are almost main. Apart from this, there are many different menus of dishes and many options in many places.

How to reach Munnar?

by airplane The nearest airport to the aerospace is Cochin … where travelers can easily reach Munnar by bus or taxi.  places to visit in Munnar

 By train

There is a bus station on the main road (market) in Munnar, from 6 am, direct regular buses are from Munnar. Roads are the best way to go to Munnar.

 by road

If you are coming from the south then you can come by your car, the road here is quite good.

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