5 Reasons Why People Love Queen Of Arabian Sea | Kerala Tourism

5 Reasons Why People Love Queen Of Arabian Sea | Kerala Tourism

Why Kochi Called Queen of Arabian Sea?

Queen of Arabian Sea Kochi is a unique tourist destination and must be seen once in its lifetime. This magnificent city is the main port city of India and it rises on the waters of its mighty Arabian Sea. Kochi, which was formerly known as Cochin, belongs to the Ernakulam district of Kerala.

Kochi is named after Malayalam word ‘Kochu Azhhi’, which means ‘Bay of Bay’, which is suitable for this port city. This city has been described in the writing of many ancient travelers because it has always been the preferred destination for people of the world.

In fact, many Portuguese have now settled well in Kochi and call it their home. Even today, the city is playing an important role in attracting tourists from all over the world.

Queen of Arabian Sea Kochi has a rich blend of ancient and innovative, which is conducive to the likes and needs of different people. The effect of harmonious integration of the West and Indian culture give Kochi a different identity.

1. Rich cultural history.

There is something for everyone Queen of Arabian Sea in Kochi. Although it is a paradise for history lovers due to its rich ancient history. The city has emerged in the 14th century and since then many travelers have mentioned this in their history books.

It was important for the business of foodstuff, especially for spices and herbs.

Jews, Chinese, Portuguese, Greek, Arab and Roman traders used to buy spices and sell their items here. As a result of this, the practices of various cultures had a complete effect on the lives of local people. Seeing this mixture of cultures around the world is actually a feast.

2. Paradise of eating amateurs.

The one thing that will surprise the passengers is the number of dining houses here. The restaurants and hotels here manage to eat all the favorites. You have come from any part of the world, you can enjoy the local food in your country in Queen of Arabian Sea Kochi. Although, it would be embarrassing if you do not enjoy local food in Kerala.

Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food prepared by the kitchen is mouth-watering. When you are in Kochi, do not forget to sample nutritious fish which is made by wrapping in banana leaves.

3. Nothing for every one.

There is no disappointment with Kochi, because there is so much to attract tourists because of which historic places, centers of religious activities, museums, children’s parks and malls for shopping, etc. Nature lovers do not need to be frustrated.

There are many reservoirs and wildlife parks where you can see local fauna and flora. In Athirapalli Waterfall, you will see nature with its full glory.

The cool backwaters of Queen of Arabian Sea Kochi, which are parallel to the Arabian Sea, are a lazy place to spend a heavy afternoon with their loved ones.

The backwaters of Kochi are the extension of the lake Vembanad, which is the largest lake in Kerala. Marine Drive is a stroll to couples who stroll along the Arabian Sea and want to spend their evening. It is a very popular place between couples and families.

The air coming from the sea and your loved ones will leave your mind out of bliss, and if you feel hungry you can go to the Bay Pride Mall located on the side.

This mall is also the only fish spa in Kochi where you can also make pedicures. If you want to find the history of the city, then you should move towards Kochi fort.

It is located on the Matahari Peninsula of Kerala and offers you a spectacular visual tourism experience. The famous attraction of the fort of Queen of Arabian Sea Kochi is famous Matcherri palace and Santa Cruz Basilica. People looking for fishing can see the Chinese fishing capillary fishing in this area.

After traveling around the fort, you become familiar with Queen of Arabian Sea Kochi’s cultural heritage. And do not forget to get Ayurvedic massage at Kochi.

How to reach Kochi Kochi is well connected to other parts of the country and from the world via airways, railways, and pathways. You will have to reserve your ticket in advance as Kochi remains the center of attraction for tourists all year round.

4. Kochi weather.

Queen of Arabian Sea Kochi is enjoyable throughout the year, due to which the journey can be done anytime. However, there is a lot of heat here in May and heavy rains in the months of August and September can cool your enthusiasm.

5. Best time to visit Kochi.

Therefore, the best time to visit Kerala is between January to April and from October to December. Accommodation in Kochi is not a problem and tourists can choose hotels according to their budget.

Staying in houses is also very popular in Queen of Arabian Sea Kochi and through this, you can understand the life of the local people deeply.

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