What To Do In Barot Valley

What To Do In Barot Valley: A Step By Step Guide: How To Reach: Thing To Do

Barot Valley is also known as “a trekker’s paradise” If you are a hardcore traveler you must have heard about it. If you haven’t then don’t worry. It doesn’t make you less traveler. The thing is, I just want you to read this article carefully so that you can add this place to your bucket list.

Barot Valley is situated in Himachal Pradesh. It is like a lost haven first time founded by the Britishers because of the Uhl river. British build an electric power plant on that river, that is how Barot Valley came into every Britisher’s list as a vacation spot.

You can easily found many rest houses there build by Britisher. Let me guess this one, you always get excited to hear about the mountains, waterfalls, camping, rafting, am I right? This place has all those things and much more stuff, like the culture, simplicity among people, language, and history. I am sure you will mesmerize to see British engineer work.

There are no big hotels and restaurants, just some small shops and some government rest houses because this place is not famous among travelers. This is the chance to find an explorer in you. Go there before it gets too crowded.

Where Is Barot Valley situated?

Barot Valley situated in Mandi district at an altitude of about 6 thousand feet above sea level is no less than a paradise for trekking enthusiasts and It is situated 66 km from Mandi and 40 km from Jogindernagar.

Best Time To Visit Barot valley

Tourists can visit this beautiful place at any time but the Best time to visit Barot Valley is between April to June in summer and December to February in winter that time the weather of the Barot Village remains pleasant although avoid visiting during the monsoon, the region receives more rainfall during the monsoon, so all roads are closed.

Best Places To Visit In Barot Valley


UHL river is the mother of Barot valley. There is a big dam on the Uhl river which gives electricity to all Punjab. Because of this river, Barot valley came into existence.

There is a fish name Traut which is only found in the Uhl river. This is the calmest and peaceful place in Barot valley. I suggest you just visit early in the morning, sit there, feel the wind, hear the birds, and talk to the river. It will give you peace

Pashakoat Temple

This is the famous temple of Barot. The local people believe that deity Pashakoat is the king of the valley and takes care of the valley so you must stop there and have a look at the temple. It is not a very big temple but a famous one. If you find any local there then inquire about it, you will get to know some amazing stories. I don’t want to give away the suspense here, so just go and find out on your own.

GHRAT- ( Aata chaki)

Now you are thinking about what is special about Aata chaki or if you are the one who never saw an Ata chaki then ask your parents they will tell you. here I am gonna tell you about the specialty of Barot’s Aats chaki. It runs by a natural waterfall. if you give extra attention throughout your journey from Ghtasni to Jhatingri then only you can see that chaki because it is covered by big trees and bushes. there is a very small path that goes to the Chaki but that is almost invisible to strangers. So don’t take the chance, enquire about it. It is pretty amazing. That place must have to be explored.

Preserve The Vally

I want to add a piece of quick advice here. Please do not pollute this valley. Always carry your water bottle to avoid plastic waste. There are so many waterfalls on your way you can drink natural mineral water coming directly from the mountains. If you are carrying plastic bags or some disposal things don’t through it anywhere. Use dustbins. NOTE: There aren’t so many dustbins, because it is a mountain place so just carry them till you don’t find a proper place to dispose of. Remember to preserve this valley now so that the next generation can enjoy it as we are enjoying it now.

Chuhar Valley

The Chuhar Valley in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh is a part of the Barot Village and other major attractions of this valley include Jhankari Village and Harung Narayan Temple. Another major attraction of this place is International Mandi Shivaratri, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm by the locals of the valley every year.

Shanan Power House

The name Shanan Power House Barot is very famous in the history of hydroelectric production. In 1925, a contract was signed by British Government engineer Colonel Bunty and Raja Jogendra Sen of Mandi, which led to the realization of the Shanan and Bassi hydroelectric project in Jogendra Nagar. The reservoir of this project was built at Barot.

What are the Best Things To Do In Barot Valley?

Barot is an amazing place for adventure activities such as picnic, trekking, and Camping, fishing. In the last few years, Barot has emerged from the tourism scene rapidly. Here the reservoir of Jogindernagar Hydro Electric House is located. Barot is the main site of the Chauhar Valley.

1 Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary

It is a favorite destination for tourists, which is situated on the banks of the Uhl River. This century associated with Barhog village has many javanars like blackbuck, bear of Himalayas, etc. Apart from visiting here, tourists can also stay here. The best time to visit this century is from April to May and from August to October.

2 Trekking

Well you Know Barot Valley is also known as “a trekker’s paradise” and in Barot Valley have lots of trekking trails example Kothi Kullu, Bada Bangla and most famous is kothi 13km trek Barot to kothi the trek passing through forests and unforgotten color of Himachal

3 Camping

Camping is one of the outdoor activities in Barot Village you can enjoy the thandi golai camping is 1.5km away from Barot main market.

4 Star Gazing

And yes at the night you can take pleasure of stargazing in Barot Village

4 Star Gazing

And yes at the night you can take pleasure of stargazing in Barot Village

How To Reach Barot Valley By Train

the nearest railway station of Barot Valley is Jogindernagar, from which Barot Valley can be reached easily.

Delhi To Pathankot Distance 480km

Pathankot To Jogindernagar Distance 153km

Jogindernagar To Barot Valley 35k By Road

How To Reach Barot Valley By Air

The nearest airport of Barot Valley is Kullu Airport, which is located at a distance of about 128 km from here. Once they reached the airport, tourists can easily reach here.

Kullu Bhuntar Airport To Barot Valley 130km By Road

How To Reach Barot Valley By Road

If you are coming from Delhi by bus, then it is better that you go via Palampur and Baijnath, from here the route to Barot Valley is very smooth and you can also take the help of Google Map.

Delhi To Barot Valley Distance 500km

Pathankot To Barot Valley Distance 206km

I tried very hard to put all my feelings in words but there is a saying that you can not fully explain what you feel by words. I know this is a hard time going on. We are fighting with an invisible demon name Covid-19 but just be positive and believe that it will pass and we will be free to go anywhere. When everything will over, go to Barot and recharge your self.

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