Top Adventurous Things to Do in the Suncity

Top 5 Things to Do in the Suncity

Suncity Jodhpur is all about the royal experience that one can ever have. One can easily enjoy the most quirky things to do here. But while all travelers talk about the luxuries of the city, and Trendy India being themselves; we have compiled a list of top 5 adventurous things to do in Jodhpur. Scroll through the ultimate goal to dig deep and go beyond the typical ‘bucket-list to fulfill in Jodhpur’. This was one of the unusual experiences which are not everyone‘s taste but worth the try!

“During the dusk time, it was a lit blue sky amidst the huge rocks and tiny florals, until the royal Mehrangarh Fort was displayed across our naked eyes. It was glowing in the golden hour. On a rooftop adjacent to the ancient walls of the city, there was a gentle breeze where we visualize three young kids. It actually transported us to rural India. Not to forget the awe-inspiring view and the surrounding desert wilderness, we gradually were awed by the beauty. It took less than a couple of minutes where we shed the mere notion that this blue city is not only just about royal forts.” It is much more than that! It beholds the greater wild, and offbeat experiences to do here Suncity:

1. Don’t forget the hiking of the trails at Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park jodhpur Suncity

The striking terrain of the barren desert of Jodhpur is one of the best sightseeing and one of the underrated attractions. Legends say that it is a mix of the Mexican desert. How cool does it sound? We used to spend so many hours hiking, taking the strolls of Mehrangarh Fort and the authentic blue city, where the birds used to look out for small desert creatures in the offbeat places with hardly any soul surrounded by. One heck of an experience!

Tip: Entry fee is for INR 200/- which is worth the swoon-worthy experience.

2. Have a romantic evening on a candle-lit rooftop in Suncity

As I am a big-time foodie, and with most of the people’s suggestions we landed up at Indique. It is one of the very popular restaurants here which boasts of great ambiance. But unlikely, I didn’t like the food here and drinks were not good for my taste buds.

We tried every place from the famous Dagley to Indigo, but none of them matched our aesthetics, and hence, every night we used to try different cuisines from different rooftops. While on our last day, we were able to find the best of the gems – Darikhana. One of the cozy places, perfect for a couple or a date to go along with!

The rooftop bar offered exquisite views of the fort, and offered to relish food with a lot of ingredients that were curated and sourced from grasslands. All organic! The vibe etched of how the royals must have savored this blue city, indeed!

Tip: A prior reservation is required at Darikhana for dinner or drinks.

3. The quintessential haveli stay

Ever been to the blue city and not experienced a stay in a red sandstone haveli? What a miss! We resided in Radisson, Jodhpur for the accommodation is designed to emulate the original red sandstone architecture of Jodhpur. It is completed with a shaded leafy courtyard and a rejuvenated day beds in the balcony. I loved the restful sleep, lavish breakfasts, and the rooftop with a serene view of the fort.

Tip: Say no to plastic bottled water; ask housekeeping to send you a glass bottle with RO water instead. Every bit counts suncity.

4. Indulge in healthy food at Cafe Filos

Let’s face it – Rajasthani food can be pretty heavy on the tummy, especially on a long and hot day out in Jodhpur. So I was delighted to stumble upon a local hangout –

The Filos, which is a cozy 4-story cafe. It sources organic ingredients and serves up delicious comfort cafe food. The staff is happy to customize dishes to be vegan; I loved their avocado bruschetta and hummus with baked pita. If I were staying longer in the city, it would be the cafe I’d work out of suncity.

Tip: Encourage them to say no to straws and plastic packaging. If more of us demand it, they’re more likely to care!

5. Zipline with a panoramic view of Mehrangarh Fort

While hiking in Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park, I was surprised to see someone zoom past on a pretty long zip line, in the surreal backdrop of the historic Mehrangarh fort and above the rocky desert wilderness. Unfortunately, I didn’t carry enough cash with me that day to try it, but I can imagine it must be one of the world’s most unique zip lines – and hey, I could use an excuse to go back and explore more of Jodhpur (suncity)!

Tip: Book the zip line online to get a discounted price.

Have you been to Jodhpur (suncity) or are you planning to visit? Which of the above would you most like to try? What else would you add to Trendy India’s Jodhpur (suncity) list?

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